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Here's a list of some of the sites we have developed. Many of these sites are for businesses is the Livingston and Paradise Valley area of southwestern Montana or in nearby Bozeman.

These sites use a very cost effective, customizable and functional e-commerce solution. Most small businesses can't afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a high end website to start out with.

Bangdu Images - Photographs of Tibet
All About Pianos - Quality used pianos
Angelic Guidance and Healing with Cecilia Andrews
Crystal Gemstone Bracelets and Anklets Custom Made

The PrintingForLess site uses all custom programmed cgi scripts and javascript for a highly functional online ordering system.

These sites are general informational sites offering products or services without an e-commerce component, sometimes called brochure sites. Many have gotten good business contacts directly from the internet. Some are located on Montana, with some few out of state.

Retreat Center and Spa for Yoga Pilates and More in California
Frederick Douglas Seminars
Blue Heaven Montana Nature Photography
Kathleen Wilkins Bronze Sculpture Portraits
Practical Spirituality with Patricia Spadaro
Engineering Consulting for Construction Real Estate and Community

No longer maintained by us. Here's a good example of a community directory and information site.
Livingston Montana Community Website
Life, Career and Business Success Coach Allison Maslan

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